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"In a Krautshell” – some intel and a thought – from the EU&Berlin-Bubble for US public policy professionals

Wake up and get a feeling for what was in the minds of public-affairs-insiders in Berlin when they woke up while you were still asleep.

Get a bit of solid intel with a bold spin that no newsletter-journalist would dare to give and

No matter whether that spin was dull or genius: Be inspired for your business overseas after reading this.


Issue #39

Issue #39 Guten Morgen! Here in Berlin (not Germany, Berlin, and in today’s WOOM you can find out why) we are heading into a wonderfully sunny and long weekend and

Issue #38

Issue #38 Guten Morgen! We wish you a wonderful start into your weekend and week with the newest Krautshell edition. Enjoy and ping us for more!      Anna  

Issue #37

Issue #37 Guten Morgen! It was an exciting week for us, and you can read about why in the first article in this episode. Have a wonderful start into your

Issue #36

Issue #36 Guten Morgen! If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to sign up for our upcoming 1-5-30 TALK with MEP David McAllister happening next week on Wednesday, February

Issue #35

Issue #35 Guten Morgen! From a very rare winter wonderland in Berlin, we wish you a wonderful start into your weekend and week with the newest Krautshell edition. Enjoy and

Issue #34

Issue #34 Guten Morgen! We have a little surprise for you coming up – keep an eye on your inbox this week! Until then, enjoy the newest Krautshell edition with


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