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"In a Krautshell” – some intel and a thought – from the EU & Berlin Bubble for US public policy professionals

Get a feeling for what public affairs insiders in Berlin and Brussels are thinking, ready for your reading when you wake up.

Get a bit of solid intel with a bold spin that no newsletter-journalist would dare to give and

No matter whether that spin was dull or genius: Become inspired for your overseas affairs after reading Krautshell


Issue #150

Issue #150 Guten Morgen and Ho Ho… Oh! Snow is falling, airports are shutting, trains are striking, and Glühwein is flowing as we gear up for year-end bustling! Welcome to

Issue #149

Issue #149 Guten Morgen!  Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for some end-of-year turbulence starting with the 28th UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, which kicked off with accusations of

Issue #148

Issue #148 Guten Morgen!  Here’s another edition of your favorite weekly with the latest happenings from Germany and Europe. This week, we first investigate how Europe is balancing regulation and

Issue #147

Issue #147 Guten Morgen!  Greetings, political aficionados and casual observers of the political circus! Welcome to another edition of Krautshell! As we teeter on the brink of the year's grand

Issue #146

Issue #146 Guten Morgen!  The season of festivities remains upon us. After October’s Oktoberfest and Halloween, November kicks in with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year looming on the horizon.

Issue #145

Issue #145 Guten Morgen!  As the Americans carved the pumpkin, the Germans prepared the Kürbissuppe. While candies got your teeth and the Jack o lantern took over your garden, we


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