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"In a Krautshell” – some intel and a thought – from the EU & Berlin Bubble for US public policy professionals

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Get a bit of solid intel with a bold spin that no newsletter-journalist would dare to give and

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Issue #8

Issue #8 FIRST, SOME SOLID INTEL: EU Corona Spending: Finally, an agreement? After various discussions over the last few weeks (guess what: we reported) Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

Issue #7

Issue #7 FIRST, SOME SOLID INTEL: EU Corona Spending (I): Another €500 Billion, summing up to €3 Trillion The €3 trillion the EU wants to spend to combat the Corona

Issue #6

Issue #6 FIRST, SOME SOLID INTEL: Emergency Plan for the EU Budget  Discussions regarding the EU budget and recovery plans are omnipresent these days (as we have reported several times). 

Issue #5

Issue #5 FIRST, SOME SOLID INTEL: Did the German Constitutional Court just sentence the whole EU to economic  failure?  The Federal Constitution Court in Germany decided, that whenever the German Central

Issue #4

Issue #4 FIRST, SOME SOLID INTEL: What about Merkel‘s last big project? In July 2020, Germany is taking over the rotating EU Council Presidency (a.k.a. leading discussions between the EU

Issue #3

Issue #3 FIRST, SOME SOLID INTEL: EU becomes budget trillionaire Unlike POLITICO some sources titled last week, Angela Merkel is still not favoring Corona-Bonds (and probably never will). However, at the conference


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