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"In a Krautshell” – some intel and a thought – from the EU & Berlin Bubble for US public policy professionals

Get a feeling for what public affairs insiders in Berlin and Brussels are thinking, ready for your reading when you wake up.

Get a bit of solid intel with a bold spin that no newsletter-journalist would dare to give and

No matter whether that spin was dull or genius: Become inspired for your overseas affairs after reading Krautshell


Issue #144

Issue #144 Guten Morgen!  Drum rolls, please…This week, we would like to welcome Atticus Partners to the Krautshell family: From now on, each week, we will have some insights into

Issue #143

Issue #143 Guten Morgen!  Welcome to this week’s edition of your favorite weekly. Get your coffee, and dive into some news on not accurately named meetings, digitization in Germany and

Issue #142

Issue #142 Guten Morgen!  Before you dive into the Halloween Sugar Rush, get ready to savor some bitter, sour Warheads. Welcome to this week's Krautshell, where we serve up a

Issue #141

Issue #141 Guten Morgen!  You might have survived the Oktoberfest beer migraine, but prepare yourself for the Halloween sugar rush. In this week’s Krautshell, we bring to you some solid

Issue #140

Issue #140 Guten Morgen!  Servus again! Instead of running for fireworks, get your beers ready. Germany is preparing for its 33rd birthday of unity, but the mood is not really

Issue #139

Issue #139 Guten Morgen!  Servus! With heavy heads and light hearts, we welcome you to this week's Krautshell edition, where you will almost visualize a Bretzel while going through the


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